BlueHost Honest Review 2022.

Bluehost is one of the largest hosting companies in the world and an officially recommended WordPress hosting provider. But Should you buy Webhosting from Bluehost? For whom Bluehost is the Right Choice? I will help you answer these questions.

Bluehost: Quick Overview

Bluehost was founded in 2003, Bluehost has become the largest brand name when it comes to WordPress hosting. They are an official 'WordPress' recommended hosting provider. Bluehost offers a wide variety of hosting plans for beginners and for medium to large businesses with 24/7 customer support. See the complete Bluehost review below to learn more.

For Whom Bluehost is best for?

Bluehost is great for beginners who are building their first or second website. If you're a new blogger, Bluehost makes it simple to get started without having to worry about the technical aspects.

Bluehost ensures that your learning curve is as little as possible and that your site is publicly visible to the world with plenty of uptime, thanks to their customer care tools and easy-to-navigate cPanel.

On the other hand, if you want to start an eCommerce business with a large number of products and require the fastest site speed and dedicated hosting, you should consider alternative solutions first.
But before we go further the main thing for beginners and even for experts is customer Support.

Blue Flash Launch Support

Are you new to Bluehost as well as WordPress? With a feature called Blue Flash Launch Support, Bluehost makes it simple to get started. This service is included in your hosting plan at no additional cost. It takes the form of a professional consultation with a WordPress expert over the phone.
You can take a guided tour of the dashboard with Blue Flash Launch Support to quickly identify all of the features and options available for publishing
During this phase of orientation, you will have the opportunity to acquire answers to your queries. Because WordPress can be intimidating to newcomers, this is a huge time saving and makes the process of getting started a lot easier.
During your call, you will be swiftly set up with your account and given the opportunity to select a theme that is appropriate for your site's style and purpose. The options that are presented to you have already been reviewed in advance to meet your needs.
Blue Flash Launch Support's experts will even make recommendations for compatible plugins. That way, you'll be able to take advantage of everything WordPress has to offer for your specific requirements.
Every day of the week, the Blue Flash team is available around the clock. That means you can get up and running with WordPress quickly, no matter where you are, and start working on your website right now.
If you need further help with WordPress after using this free service, you may sign up for WP Live support for $99 per month and that's not compulsory.

Now to Decide-Which Level of Service Should You Choose?

Bluehost offers five main types of hosting plans:

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Cloud Sites
If you're looking for something effective and cheap, Shared hosting is definitely the right choice for you. This is what the vast majority of newcomers and small businesses are going for. 
Dedicated hosting is the most expensive choice, and it's best for big businesses that need complete control over their resources. With dedicated hosting, you are essentially renting a physical server. 
VPS hosting is a middle-ground solution in which you share a physical server with others but have your own virtual operating system, allowing you to use the server as if it were your own.
WordPress hosting is exactly what it sounds like: hosting designed just for WordPress users. Let's look at the various plan tiers for each.

Shared Hosting

  • Basic: Beginning at $2.95 per month, this plan jumps up to $8.99 per month at the regular price.
  • Plus: This plan is regularly $11.99 per month, and if you buy annually it'll cost you $5.45.
  • Choice Plus: This plan is $16.99 per month, and if you buy annually it'll cost you $5.45.
  • Pro: Normally $11.95, and if you buy annually it'll cost you  $13.95.
These prices are all pretty good. ​But with this deal, you can make sure you get the best price!
You get one website, 50GB of storage, and unmetered bandwidth with the Basic plan. You also get a Free SSL certificate and CDN(You don’t even have to know what a CDN or SSL certificate does–enable them with one click to get a faster, more secure site.)One Free domain for 1-year, five parked domains, and 25 sub-domains. Additional features include 5 email accounts with 100 MB of storage each.
It doesn't end there, though. Do you manage a number of websites? Then the Plus tier, which costs $5.45 per month, is for you. 
It comes with everything in the basic plan tier, plus the ability to host and manage an unlimited number of sites, as well as a 30-day trial of Microsoft 365.
Not bad. It’s the most convenient tier if you want to reliably start more than one site from scratch without too much overhead cost. 

Their most recommended tier, and the one that gets you the most bang for your buck under the shared hosting plan, is the Choice Plus tier at $5.45 per month with added security features. You get everything in the first and second-tier, plus free domain privacy and free automated backup for a whole year.
Because internet security is becoming more of a concern in the online world, and because the pricing for this tier is the same as the Plus option, this is the clear winner in my book when it comes to affordable shared hosting plans. Adding security features is always a benefit.
Finally, if you’re looking for a bit more than that, consider the Pro tier, sitting at $13.95 a month. With this plan, you’ll get additional CPU resources as well as a free dedicated IP.
As you can see, Bluehost goes to great lengths to customize each tier so that it meets your needs. I recommend that you spend some time looking through each tier and its offerings to find the best value for your needs. and not to mention you'll get free customer support 24/7 on every hosting plan.

VPS Hosting

  • Standard: $18.99 your first month, up to $29.99 after that
  • Enhanced: $29.99 your first month, up to $59.99 after that
  • Ultimate: $59.99 your first month, up to $119.99 after that
VPS hosting, or virtual private server hosting, is when your site is hosted on a shared server but has its own dedicated virtual space. VPS hosting has grown in popularity since it is less expensive than dedicated hosting while also providing greater security and performance than shared hosting.

When it comes to Bluehost's VPS Hosting solutions, guaranteed resources are the name of the game. They stack up against competitors well, as they charge you only $18.99 for the standard VPN feature. This includes 2 GB of RAM and an additional 1 TB of bandwidth.
Looking at each of Bluehost's offers, it's clear that they've positioned themselves as a beginner-friendly web host, but they also provide affordable dedicated and VPS hosting. If you ask me, that's a double win in terms of dependable hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

  • Standard: $79.99 your first month, $119.99 per month after that.
  • Enhanced: $99.99 your first month, $159.99 per month after that.
  • Premium: $119.99 your first month, $209.99 per month after that.
Security, privacy, and even greater control are the most notable advantages of dedicated hosting. If you know you’ll want the best of the best to host your site for scale and reliability, then a Bluehost dedicated hosting plan is the way to go.
Is your website growing fast? Do you see an increase in traffic day after day? Here's when dedicated hosting, another dependable Bluehost package, comes in handy.
To illustrate the power of a dedicated hosting plan, they start you off at a whopping 500 GB of storage space, 4 GB of RAM, and 5 TB of bandwidth for only $79.99 a month. This puts Bluehost as a premium contender in the market, even for their pricier hosting tiers. 

WordPress Hosting

  • Basic: Starts at $2.65 with 
  • Plus: Starts at $4.95/mo 
  • Choice Plus: Starts at $4.95/mo 

These plans look the same as their shared hosting plans, and they cost the same. However, at the end of 2018 Bluehost introduced a new category: Managed WordPress Hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This is an all-in-one managed platform that can scale to meet the needs of your website. Bluehost's managed WordPress hosting plans all come with lightning-fast speeds, marketing tools, and multi-tiered security protections.
Bluehost's Managed WordPress option is the most dynamic hosting plan it offers.
You can choose between three options: Build, Grow, or Scale. Each of them has a different hosting package to suit your needs. If you decide to go with a managed WordPress solution, you should base your selection on the amount of traffic they can handle.
Each plan comes equipped with plenty of helpful features built to help your site grow. This means storage space starting at 20 GBs, access to over 200 global servers, scheduled backups, staging environments, and free SSL certification, just to name a few.
The traffic capacity of each managed tier is ultimately what distinguishes them. Here's a quick overview:
  • Build – $19.95 a month, best for 50,000 monthly visitors
  • Grow – $29.95 a month, best for 150,000 monthly visitors
  • Scale – $49.95 a month, best for 500,000 monthly visitors
Breaking it down by traffic makes it easy to choose a managed WordPress hosting plan that’ll give you peace of mind and plenty of site uptime. 

Bluehost: The Pros and Cons

24/7 customer support: Not every company, especially at such a low entry-level price, can boast 24/7 customer service. Bluehost’s customer support is there for you as you start your site, and anytime you need extra support troubleshooting site errors are bound to happen.
Free domain for a year: Possibly one of Bluehost’s most appealing features is the free domain name you get for a whole year. This avoids the need to go through a third-party domain seller or spend more money at the start of your website.
Free SSL certificate: An SSL certificate, also known as a Secure Sockets Layer certificate, ensures that your website's identity is verified and that sensitive information is encrypted. To put it another way, it's a must-have for any website you create. Bluehost, thankfully, offers free SSL certification.

Charges for site migrations: Bluehost isn't always the best option when it comes to migration advantages. Bluehost charges at least $149 to move your site to or from another platform if you need assistance.
Poor backup options: The entry-level plans don’t have a backup solution.

Money-Back Guarantee

Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s vital that you read all terms and conditions because this is not straightforward. When you first sign up, you’ll get a promotional hosting price. But the promotional price applies to the first term Then it changes back to the regular pricing.

No Questions Asked

If you cancel within 30 days of joining, you get a 100% refund. If, however, you decide to cancel after that, you’ll only receive a pro-rata rate for what’s left on the term.

The money-back guarantee only applies to the hosting plans. It does not cover most add-on products, including domains (see below).

Your account has no terms that you commit to following. There are no other penalties or hidden costs if you need to cancel your plan early.

Domain Fees are Not Refundable

You may get a free domain name with your hosting. If you cancel the hosting, you’ll be charged for it. But you will still own the domain name and be able to do with it as you please. After the obligatory lockdown period, you can transfer it. It remains yours as long as you keep renewing it.

There are no term commitments associated with your Bluehost account. There are no hidden fees or penalties for ending your term early should you elect to do so.


At every pricing range, there are plenty of exciting features and extras included, and the variety of plans allows a lot of flexibility for any budget. Whatever your requirements are, Bluehost's packages will meet them.
Despite some negative feedback, the majority of customers are quite happy with Bluehost’s services.
There is a reason that this company has such a strong reputation over 20 years of online business!
To summarise, Bluehost is one of the top few hosting companies that I would suggest to everyone. Look no further than Bluehost if you're looking for a web host with a solid reputation. 
With cheap and scalable plans you can customize your solution, and in just a couple of moments, you’ll be up and running.

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